Then there was light ….

Do you ever look at something as simple as a flower and think , wow God created that? That’s what I thought when I looked at these beautiful fresh cut daisy’s this morning. There are approximately 400,000 different types of flowers in the world , all of which are so wonderfully and beautifully made. That fact alone causes me to be in awe of just how much detail God has gone into when creating our environment. In fewer words than a paragraph the earth was commanded to form. This very complex planet equipped with so many different regions, bodies of water, cultures, plants and people was created in 6 days!

Let that sink in.

If God put that much thought into a plant, into a flower, just imagine how detailed he was when creating each and everyone of us.

Everything we are , every part our existence was thought out and well planned by the creator.

Nothing happened on accident , he created each of us on purpose with a purpose for HIS purpose. Our job is to find out what that purpose is and live our lives using that purpose to glorify God.

I’m convinced that the awareness and understanding of your purpose is one of life’s most beautiful moments. It’s almost like a switch is being turned on and then…..

there is light .