Whose vote is it anyway?

The Electoral College was created by the Founding Fathers of our nation as the group of people that will determine the presidency. Each state is given so many seats on the Electoral College based on its population. The electors typically vote in favor of their states Popular Vote. There have been 5 instances in the history of the Popular Vote that the Electoral College elected a different opponent. Most recently , in 2016 ending the battle between Trump and Clinton.

In this case, the Electoral College in each state stayed true to what the majority of the citizens wanted which seems fair until you find out that the overall popular vote was won by Hillary Clinton, by 3 million votes! That’s a bit much . This left many Americans wondering, whose vote is it anyway?

The answer to that is when the constitution was originally formed the electoral college was put in place because being educated was not as common as it is now, it wasn’t a requirement at all. For lack of better words , the founding fathers felt that the average American was too ignorant  to decide who should run our country so the choice was given to a select group of educated men.

Those facts present one question, Is the common man educated enough to choose his own president?

In this day and age, you are required to go to school as of first grade and cannot drop out until the age your state allows. Most companies require a High School Diploma or GED in order to be employed. It is becoming more and more common for a degree or some sort of technical certification to be required for most jobs.

So the education standard has changed greatly, and there is such much beauty in that but, does that mean that we’re ready to throw the Electoral College away?

My answer no, here’s why.

I still don’t believe that the common man is educated enough on political issues. People choose their political parties and candidates for many reasons but most times it has nothing to do with the issues or even them taking the time to research who is truly fighting for them.

At the same time , I believe that if the Electoral College is continuing to vote on behalf of what’s “popular” in their state then clearly the goal has shifted which makes the Electoral College purposeless.

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments.