Sparkle ‘N Shine

Ever since I was 16 years old , acrylic nails have been my thing. My nails have always been naturally healthy and long nails but I loved what seemed to be added protection from the acrylic. Over the years I realized that what I thought was protecting my nails was actually damaging them. I tried giving up acrylic a few times but after becoming adjusted to the hard layer it provides I just couldn’t let go. Gel nails didn’t work for me because it just wasn’t hard enough. I chose to just stick with what I knew.

I began hearing this buzz about the newest trend in the nail world, the Signature Nail System (SNS) also known as “dip” nails from all my friends. The girls have been raving about how all it requires is your nails being dipped in powder , it dries right after it cures, and that it last for about 3 weeks. I was very skeptical because the description of it to me sounds very similar to the gel nail experience. My nail technician knows me very well and convinced me that this was a product I would love so I decided to go ahead and try it. She was right, I fell in love with how beautiful and long lasting this product is. My nails actually sparkled and shined for three and a half weeks!

For the last few months I’ve been getting SNS rather than acrylic and have been satisfied with everything EXCEPT for the price. It is almost double the price of acrylic and there is no way to get a refill or fill in. So I took a moment to do some research.

I found a do-it-yourself kit by Kiara Sky who, in my opinion, has some of the best nail products around. It is on amazon for only $90 bucks and comes with 5 beautiful dip colors and everything else you need to complete the process which is an amazing deal. I am very excited to try it and share with you all the beautiful results.