When traveling on an airplane, my favorite spot is the window seat directly in the middle of the plane. I enjoy this seat because it gives me the chance to view the beauty of God’s creations from a far. I’m also in awe each time as I look at the wing on the aircraft that is some how causing this machine which is over a ton to soar in the sky as if it were a bird.

God gifted man with the knowledge to be able to invent something so magnificent!

The airplane was created by Orville and Wilbur Wright also known as the Wright Brothers in the year 1904.

Although the Wright brothers were not the first to attempt to create an aircraft , they were the first to do so successfully. God specifically gave them the ability to carry it out in his timing.

It is important to recognize the importance of those who attempted the same thing as the Wright Brothers but did not reach the end goal. There was a level of success even tho it may not have felt that way to them at the time. Someone had to have the vision first and lay down the ground work for the Brothers to be able to reach the level of success they had.

Perceived failures should not stop you but, ultimately equip you to be able to SOAR through what seems like the impossible. Stay focused and push through. Your beautiful, God given gift to the world is already in you.