Mona Takes the Big Apple [Part TWO]

York Yums

As a New Orleanian , I had a really difficult time believing people who told me how great New York food was . I automatically assume there’s no comparison to food from home . I was right , the food does not compare . The delicacies of the cities are in two totally different categories. As much as I love food from home , I must admit my New York meals were beyond yummy.

A classic New York slice was the first thing I wanted to try. I’ve always heard about how amazing the pizza is and this slice from a little pizza shop in Manhattan across from the 911 Memorial lived up to my expectations. It was greasy, delicious, and so big that I had to fold it in half to eat it.

After taking a boat ride, I stopped at this bar on the water called Water Mark. I only had an amaretto sour which was good but isn’t what stood out to me. I was most impressed by the ambiance and the service. Theres was low lighting but huge windows so the natural light still came. You could dine inside but there was a very cozy area outside with couches and an amazing view of the water. The service was quick and professional. I would definitely visit again .

I love BRUNCH! And this meal from this little French spot in Brooklyn called Mominette was EVERYTHING. I ordered an omelette with mushrooms, spinach , and cheddar cheese. This omelette was simply amazing . The added bonus were the fried potatoes which were seasoned so well. This was THE most yummy meal I devoured while in New York ! Truly a York yummy .

Over all , I enjoyed very beautiful meals in the big Apple.