Mona Takes the Big Apple [Part THREE]


New York is known as the city that never sleeps which of course means there is tons of adventure . There were so many things I wanted to do there and I truly did see a lot but I just didn’t have enough time to experience it all. The adventures I did go on were wonderful. These are just a few of the activities I enjoyed most.

The purpose of my trip to New York was to celebrate the 50th birthday of my amazing mother. Something she has always wanted to do was see the Lion King on a broadway stage. After being in attendance I understand why, the show was absolutely beautiful and outstanding. The introduction was magical. Both the singing and acting were stellar throughout the show. This was a beautiful experience.

I have an appreciation for most forms of art. So visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) was an absolute must. The size of this museum in itself is breathtaking . It is filled with so much history and beauty . The MET is divided by world regions. Two sections I enjoyed most were Egypt and Greece. This is somewhere I would visit again because I just don’t feel that it’s possible to really take in all of that beauty in just one trip.

A bout tour of the city! This was my absolute favorite activity. This one hour bout tour took us to see the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building , and the beautiful Statue of Liberty. The views were amazing, we were able to see each from so many different angles and even got up close. The water was also beautiful. I truly enjoyed this adventure.

Taking the Big Apple was very eventful but that is to be expected in New York, the city that never sleeps. All in all, I had a beautiful trip and am impatiently waiting for my chance to take New York again.