RED lip

Red is just as common of a color as black or white. It is the color of spider man , the color that boys desire their fast driving cars. But for girls, it is a symbol of woman hood, becoming a lady.

As a little girl, it was a rule that my younger sister and I could not wear red nail polish. I went to a sleep over at a friends when I was about 8 . She had red nail polish and I put it on. My mother was livid. I didn’t wear red nail polish again until I was 19 years old. I remember my sister looking at my nails and saying “you look so …grown”. I felt that I did too, the same feeling came with red lipstick.

When I first started wearing red lipstick I felt very uncomfortable , like I was a little girl again and it was wrong. I believe finding the perfect shade for you helps you to gain that confidence when embracing your womanhood. It’s amazing that now when I wear red lipstick I feel like a lady. I feel confident and sexy in the best way.

I found the most BEAUTIFUL shade of red lipstick for only $3. Jordanna modern matte lipstick. It moisturizes my lips while maintaining the matte effect and the color is very vibrant as well as long lasting. You can find this at Walgreens or your local drug store.

Don’t be afraid of red! Find the RED lip that works for you and EMBRACE your sexy confidently.