He Has His Hand On You

A friend of mine recently spent two weeks in the Mojave Desert in California . He was hot , tired, and uncomfortable the entire time . He complained of his misery each day that he was there. One evening he looked up and saw this beautiful image and decided to share it with me.

When I looked at this picture I did not see misery or discomfort, I saw a beautiful sunset. Even in the midst of something ugly…. he allowed something even more beautiful to shine through.

I instantly began to think of God’s commitment to us. He is involved in every moment , every second of our lives. He knows our thoughts and desires but most of all he knows exactly what we need and always delivers in his perfect timing.

My friend needed this moment… he needed to witness this perfect sunset. This beauty uplifted him in a moment when it seemed like his journey had no end.

In the midst of your struggle , his light still shines. HE HAS HIS HAND ON YOU, no matter where you are or what you’re going through . And he will NEVER let you go.