Clear Proof – The POOF

My fight with acne began in high school . Regardless of all the different products I tried my skin would not clear up. I was beginning to fear that this would be a lifetime battle. One of my mothers many hats is being a saleswoman for Mary Kay. She truly believes in their products and suggested that I try the clear proof set.

For some reason, I was skeptical. I didn’t think that anything could work for me but after seeing the amazing results my sister had I decided to give it a try. I INSTANTLY began to see results. It was as if a magician had done a trick and POOF the acne began disappearing from my face. Within days my skin had better tone quality and was practically clear.

Clear proof has worked wonders for my skin. If you’re struggling with acne or tone quality this set is one you must try! Visit to experience the POOF in your skin.