When someone new enters into our lives , we don’t have any idea of what kind of impact they will have . We sometimes assume we won’t like a person that we come to love. On other occasions , we believe that a person will be apart of our lives forever and they don’t stick around very long.

The truth is we don’t know.

What we do know is that no one comes into our space without a reason. God has a purpose for each interaction we have. It could be something as simple as flashing them a smile or telling them about Gods love. It is not only important to be sensitive to what Gods plan is for them in our lives BUT also pay attention to the length of time they should remain in our lives.

Think of the structure of a tree……There are leaves , branches, and roots.

Leaves are beautiful for a while but just as seasons change they fall off and die.

Branches hold on for a few more seasons but eventually, they fall off and die as well.

Roots are completely different. They are VITAL to the tree. Roots provide the tree with water and nutrients , they are the LIFELINE and as long as the tree is around, the roots will be as well.

The mistake we so commonly make is not distinguishing seasonal people from those that are vital and permanent. More often than not , once we discover who is a “leaf” or “branch” we still try to hold on to them because it looks pretty or feels good. What we fail to realize is the death of that relationship cannot be escaped. You see, whether you hold a dead leaf in your hand or throw it away , it’s still dead.

Allow people to be who God intended for them to be in your life for the time he graced them to be in your life and then release them. When we hold on to expired or dead relationships it weakens us, we don’t have the ability to be our best. Once the dead is cut off then we are able to grow , flourish, and produce to the best of our ability.

Accept the beauty in letting go. Embrace the beauty in discomfort . Grow and flourish beautifully.