Cute or Comfort ?

At one point in my life I considered myself to be a shopaholic. I would get paid on Friday morning and spend my entire check on new clothes , shoes , hair, or nails by the same evening. My appearance was incredibly important to me. Not only was I spending a ridiculous amount of money but it took me so long to prepare to go anywhere! I was vain.

Now I’m in a totally different place. Comfort wins over cute every time! I would rather save my money for a rainy day , sleep a little longer , throw on sweats and rock my fro with a bare face before taking the time to get all dolled up. I am aware that the decrease in vanity has come with growth and maturity but I feel that my day to day attire has become a little too relaxed.

Many of us face go through these phases. The question is , how do we find a happy medium ? It is possible to look nice and still have a low maintenance daily routine. Simple actions such as pre planning your outfit and laying it out the night before saves so much time in the morning . Even compromising between a full face and bare face by adding mascara and lipstick to your morning routine only takes 5 minutes or less.

In my opinion , the choice between cute and comfortable isn’t one that has to be made. As long as there is preparation and pre planning, there will be BEAUTIFUL results. What do y’all think ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!