Black Restaurant Week

Neyows is a black owned restaurant in New Orleans that specializes is creole cuisine. It’s a small spot visited frequently by locals but has also gained plenty of attention from celebrities.

I am personally a fan of every thing I have ever tried from their menu. One of my favorite meals of theirs is the fried catfish. The batter is seasoned so well and the fish is fried just right;Not too soft and not too crunchy. The meal includes two sides , I enjoy the macaroni and cheese and potato salad most. The macaroni is extremely CHEESY! And oh so delicious. As for the potato salad , it’s just as good as my grandmothers.

In addition to the food being amazing, Neyows signature drink is simply delightful, The Bow Wow Punch. I often refer to it as fruit punch on steroids. This drink is very fruity but extremely strong . It is a 16 ounce drink for only $11! That is a beautiful moment all by itself.

Neyows is just one of my favorite BLACK OWNED RESTAURANTS in the city of New Orleans. Support black owned restaurants and businesses this Essence Festival and all throughout the year.