“Don’t be afraid. I SAVED YOU. I named you. You are mine. When you have troubles, I am with you. When you cross rivers , you will not be hurt. When you walk through fire ,you will not be burned; the flames will not hurt you. That’s because I , the Lord am your God, the Holy one of Israel, am your Savior. ”

Isaiah 43:1-3

In a BEAUTIFUL MOMENT , I stumbled across this verse.

Within hours of reading this I was in a life threatening situation but God SAVED ME just like he promised.

I have since experienced trouble in my heart and mind , but he has been there every step of the way.

The attempted hurt and harm do not have the power to over take my life because the creator said otherwise.

Hold on to God’s word! He will guide you, through the river, the flames, even your darkest hour. HE HAS SAVED YOU.