Freezy street is an ice cream shop located on St. Claude. All of the ice cream from this shop is made FROM SCRATCH right in front of you. What makes this place even more special is the ability to personalize your ice cream and have it bought to life.

The very first step is to choose your flavor . Freezy street has created a menu of their signature flavors. One really awesome part of the experience is that if you aren’t interested in the gourmet flavors designed , you can build your own ! You may choose any snowball flavor and add the ingredients that you would like inside of your ice cream . My favorite combination would be wedding cake flavor with fresh strawberries mixed inside and on top.

On to the coolest part of the experience , watching your ice cream design come to life! An associate of freezy street will call your name and bring you over to what I like to call the “freezing” station. I say this because there is a cold plate there that all of the ingredients including the cream used to create your ice cream are poured into. Everything is mixed together , chopped up if necessary , and smoothed out over the cold plate. The mixture then begins to freeze, turning into ice cream. Afterwards , the associate begins to roll up the ice cream and place it into your cup. Off to the toppings station you go !

A wide variety of options are offered to top off your ice cream . From fresh fruit, to sauce, cereal , and even roasted marshmallows. I always keep it simple and choose fresh strawberries as my topping.

A beautiful moment it is when I’m able to enjoy the finished product ! Try Freezy Street, you’re guaranteed a beautiful moment .