“Life can bring much pain. There are many ways to deal with this pain… choose wisely” -Jermaine Cole

We are taught that when bad things happen to us we must push forward, persevere.

If you’re a man , you are taught not to express or even take the time to process how you feel because it isn’t “manly”.

Woman are allowed to be emotional BUT not too much. We are required to be strong and take care of business.

The result of this is a world filled with hurt and broken people that are searching for ways to deal with their pain. Many turn to substances such as alcohol, marijuana , and more serious drugs. Some become promiscuous but very few learn the proper way to deal with the issues they are facing in their life.

The ability to move forward after experiencing pain is great, but you must still deal with the issues. You can not heal on your own. God gives us people and resources that assist us in life’s most difficult moments. We must learn that our pride is not more important than our deliverance and be willing to ask for help, understanding that its okay to not be okay.

This is a lesson that I just recently learned. The BEAUTIFUL moment that I realized I cannot do this by myself and became okay with it , I felt so free. I still “do the work” daily in order to completely heal but I rely on God to get me through the moments when I feel so weak and reach out to my support system when I need encouragement.

Everyone doesn’t have a grand support system, but there is always someone out there willing to help you. You are not alone , you will make it through. There actually is someone who knows EXACTLY how you feel. Tap into the resources around you, that beautiful moment of healing is closer than you think.