Sew it Up

Fros are fun. Braids are convenient. But when you’re in need of versatility SEW IT UP!

As y’all know , I absolutely LOVE box braids and the style and more importantly convenience they add to my life. Even tho I’m granted a sense of versatility and a change from the usual fro, there are still only so many things I can do with my hair in braids. So the protective styling I’m currently enjoying is a sew in. Thankfully , I have the ability and the patience to do this on my own. So in my case, it’s cost efficient.

The most expensive part of the process is purchasing the hair! Although I believe that human hair should be viewed as an investment because of the ability to use it over and over again, I still refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it. I personally buy my hair from the website Aliexpress. There are PLENTY of vendors on the site. The one I would recommend is Slove Rosa. They have provided me with quality hair at an amazing price each time I’ve ordered it.

The basis of a good sew in is a great braiding pattern ! Without it, your tracks will be slipping out in no time. I prefer to use inverted braids when completing my base because it helps to give the flattest possible appearance. This is the part that takes me the longest to complete.

Once you’re all braided up , the next step is to sew it in. Believe it or not there is no difference between sewing a pillow case and sewing in extensions. As long as you have a tight, consistent stitch you should experience success. Be sure to sew your tracks close together , pull through the weft rather than between the hair, and always triple stitch at the end of each row.

It does take time to perfect this craft but it’s definitely an easy, cost efficient , protective styling. Before you know it, you’ll have figured out how to SEW IT UP just right and start giving BEAUTIFUL hair flips just like Beyoncé.