This year I have experienced Love and Heartbreak

Wins and Loss

Healing and Pain

Death and Life

Darkness and Light

Strength and Weakness

New Beginnings and Endings

I was made aware of my purpose.

I am much more clear.

I am free.

I am secure in myself.

I have a better relationship with God.

I have a more open dialogue with my family.

I only have room for those who add to , protect , and correct my life.

I decided to put myself first.

I made the choice to fight for my life.

This birthday is absolutely the most special one I have ever had…..

This year I am truly celebrating LIFE.

I’m so thankful for the experiences that caused me to appreciate it.

Cheers to 23 years! 🥂

Time to embark on year 24 …..

And all the BEAUTIFUL moments it has to offer .

Happy Birthday to ME from ME, I love you girl.