Fit for the Queen

As the On the Run II tour nears its end, and after attending myself, I have noticed that there are a few trends people tend to stick to when attending a Beyoncé concert.

1. All Black Everything

Dressed in black was probably the most common trend . Whether it was all black or just a black top paired with jeans. The color was everywhere. I assume people find black to be the appropriate color to see the Queen perform in but that’s actually quite funny since she normally wears tons of color. In the show I attended here in New Orleans , she only wore one black outfit. Each other outfit change consisted of completely different colors.

2. Fishnets or Net

A very common trend for this concert was the fishnets with jean shorts look. We all know Beyoncé loves her short shorts. This one I think is pretty easy to understand if you remember the check up on it video that she does pay homage to during an outfit change this tour. Or more recently , her history making performance at Coachella.

3. Glitz, Glam, and Sparkle

A lot of young ladies that didn’t fall into the two previous categories most definitely hit this one. These were the girls with 6 inch heels and curls, long lashes and glossy lips, and sparkling fitted dresses. These ladies truly worked hard on their OTR II looks and spent plenty of time achieving their BEAUTIFUL moment. And it’s no secret that the Queen is a fan of glitz , glam, and sparkle herself.

Queen Bey encourages us all to feel like and treat ourselves like Queens. Be bold , be different , be you! What matters more than what you wore is the confidence you felt while wearing it! That alone is what made each of us Fit for the Queen we watched perform and the Queen within us.

What was your OTR II style? Please share in the comment section below.

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