Three Wishes

the state of being happy

When I was a senior in high school , we were given the task of informing the class of our goals. One of my friends stood before us and said ” I just want to be happy”. Our teacher scolded her for not giving the assignment much effort . At the time I didn’t see it , but looking back all these years later I understand that she was a sad little soul searching for what most people take for granted.

I can now say that my ultimate goal is also to be happy.

freedom from distrurbance; tranquility

Peace of mind is something we don’t appreciate until we experience sleepless nights and days filled with thoughts constantly running through our head.

Peace has become something I truly value. You cannot achieve happiness if you don’t have peace.
an intense feeling of deep affection

Every human being wants to be loved. It’s just nature to desire to be loved and cared for. Of all the drugs in the world, love is the strongest one.

If you don’t feel loved, you cannot feel happy, you cannot feel peace. Everyone desires to be loved by someone or something .

How do you truly achieve these things? Get to know yourself, make peace with the person you are. Be true to that person, fall in love with her. True HAPPINESS , PEACE , and LOVE come from within. It’s not an easy task to achieve but in time , it will be accomplished.

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