The stretch

One of the most exciting parts of my natural hair journey has been watching my hair grow and expand.

The most frustrating part of the process is taming my hair and WAITING for it to grow!

In order to manage I wear a lot of protective stylings such as braids , sew ins, and wigs. Once I wear them for a few weeks, I’ll take down my hair, excited to see how much it has grown. Each time , I’m ecstatic about the results !

Then it’s time for a wash …. as every curly girl knows , shrinkage sets in. Although there is nothing like a fresh wash to make your natural curls pop it’s also very disappointing to go from THE STRETCH to the shrink.

So how can we achieve THE STRETCH on a day to day basis ? There are a couple of ways that have worked for me . The first being corn rows! Yes, the simplest style ever. The only dilemma I faced with corn rolls was not having the defined curl that I’m use to achieving with two strand twist or coils. You can try coiling the ends to get that same look but this may not work out well for everyone .

The second way I achieve the THE STRETCH are flat twist ! These give more of a defined curl rather than the crinkle look given by cornrows.

The natural journey is a BEAUTIFUL one that consist of all sorts of twist , coils , and curls. It’s all about trying new things and finding out what path works best for you.