Bobby Hebert’s is a Cajun restaurant owned by New Orleans Saints former quarter back , Bobby Hebert. This restaurant has become a favorite spot of my family and I to watch games , have dinner , or just grab appetizers and drinks. This spot has the feel of a sports bar while still managing to give amazing customer service from staff and management. You are welcomed in an unforgettable way and often checked on by your server and the managers on duty.

Almost every time I go , I order the exact same thing, the Cajun Hebert fries. I would describe these fries as nothing short of amazing. The fries are covered in a cheese based sauce that includes crawfish and mushrooms . For an additional fee you can even add fried crawfish tails that add a nice crunch and kick to the appetizer.

I decided to grab a bite from Bobby’s on this past Saturday and was informed by my server of their special, shrimp and grits . I must admit, I was very nervous to try something new from this restaurant. Also , shrimp and grits are one of my favorite meals so it was something I really wanted them to get right. The server told me how much she enjoyed it and convinced me to try for myself. I was far from disappointed.

What a BEAUTIFUL moment that first bite turned out to be . My corn grits had bits of corn still in them which gave the grits a nice crunch but not an overwhelming one. The sauce was seasoned so well and so were the shrimp. This meal was very rich in flavor and filling. I would love to see Bobby Hebert’s permanently add this to their menu .

Thank you to Bobby Hebert’s for another beautiful experience . See you all soon.

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