Pretty and Pierced

I have always been very interested in piercings but also extremely afraid of them !

The main thing that frightened me was the way my parents would react to it and the pain. My parents are not fans of of piercings or tattoos.

My cartilage , tragus , and nose are all 3 things I have wanted to get pierced .

Within the last month I have knocked out 2 out of three, my cartilage and my nose. Fortunately, my parents each had a very calm reaction to my new piercings .

I have a very low pain tolerance so to me , these were both EXTREMELY painful piercings but they are oh so pretty !

By the end of the year I would love to get the tragus done so that I can truly feel PRETTY AND PIERCED.

How do you feel about piercings ? Do you have the same views as your family? Please share in the comment section below.

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