Every month a group of friends and myself go out and feed the needy.

Today after I handed a meal to one of the ladies she pulled me in for a hug. This normally would have frightened me but I felt peace.

What blessed me about this exchange was she said to me ” you must be new but the girls that normally come out leave bags at the tents so people that aren’t here right now can have one later”.

There are two reasons this meant so much to me:

1. She was looking out for the others in need around her;she had a sense of community

2. We are the girls that normally come out and leave bags at tents! We are making a true impact in our community.

What a blessing it is that after one full year of feeding the needy we find out that what we’re doing is actually making an impact and creating if not adding to the sense of community and loyalty these people feel for each other.

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