Miami is a city I have wanted to visit for a very long time. The culture , sun , waves, and food have always intrigued me and I am astounded that I was finally able to experience it.

My happy place always has been and always will be the beach. It’s such a calming and relaxing atmosphere. South beach had a nice crowd as it was the last weekend of spring break but even still, everything remained peaceful. The sun was bright , the waves blue, and the smell of ocean air took me over.

If you walk right off the beach, you will find a strip that consist of bars and eateries and tons of people! That’s where the party is. Majority of my trip was spent away from that as my goal was to find relaxation and solitude.

As you all know, I am a huge foodie and on this trip I was determined to try Cuban food as Cuban culture has had great influence on Miami’s culture. The one meal I had that absolutely blew my mind was Shrimp Paella from the Cuban restaurant La Carretta’s. It was very similar to one of my favorite foods at home , yellow rice, but was much more flavorful and unique. The seafood in it was an added bonus.

I must admit my favorite parts of this trip were had on this Miami tour boat which helped me to further explore parts of the city that I didn’t have the opportunity to. The city of Miami is such a beautiful one that I cannot wait to visit again, I am considering relocating just to experience this beauty on a daily basis.

I’ve been home for around three weeks now and I am already missing the sand between my toes. I look forward to collecting more and more beautiful moments in the 305.

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