Relax. Relate. Release.

At some point in life each of us deals with with stress at work, obstacles in our personals lives, and sometimes even illness in our bodies or minds. This can cause us to feel extremely overwhelmed with life in general.

When in dire need, relax, relate, release !


It is absolutely necessary to take a step back from everything and sometimes everyone to ease your mind, destress, and focus on what’s most important to you. A change of scenery is one thing I have noticed helps me to completely relax and almost forget about whatever is worrying me. This gives the ability to reapproach the situation with a clear and rational mindframe.


Truly identify and attempt to gain understanding of what has been bothering you.


Find a way to release all stress! Whether it be through talking things out with a trusted friend , writing all your feelings down , or running until you can’t feel your legs; let all of your stress and negativity go in a peaceful and productive way.

We already have the tools to overcome anything. We must be in tune with our bodies and minds to know when we’ve reached our limit and it’s to time to relax,relate, and release!

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