Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beautiful beach town equipped with both tourist attractions and activities for locals. From the boardwalk , the beach, to the shopping and activities, this is a city that has everything you could possibly need.

The board walk to me is just like a fair. There was great energy along it but I wasn’t interested in spending too much time there because I spent the previous day at the amusement park Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition to that, the beach was calling my name.

The beach is my happy place , so I was very excited about this day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, 78 degrees but the water was so cold. This beach is very peaceful , the loudest sound you hear are the humongous waves that take over every few minutes and the occasional laughter of a child. This is a great escape from reality.

Fun in the sun definitely works up an appetite. For dinner I landed at Cheesecake Factory in Santa Monica but before dinning I walked Santa Monica Place . This allowed me to see local shops that offered bike and scooter rentals , street performers, and get the feel of the city. Santa Monica Place does not offer high end shopping like Rodeo Drive but rather every day brands such as Nike.

This sums up my time in Santa Monica and Southern California. Thank you for tuning in to the So Cal Experience! I’m so blessed that you allow me to share beautiful moments with you. Reminder , we are all collectors! Don’t forget to share your beautiful moments with me.

Collect beautiful moments 🌻

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