It’s been a week since I locked this door for the last time.

This apartment was not the best by any means. It wasn’t luxurious , I was forced to endure pretty awful roommates, didn’t have great service from staff, there was almost always something wrong with it , but it was my home.

My mother calls me dramatic , and I am well known for romanticizing experiences. But I’m pretty sure that I’m clear on this one.

You see , moving into 1416 gave me my first experience of being on my own. Although it was scary at first , I had so much growth here. I learned true independence , the importance of not allowing any and everyone in my space , and the peace that alone time brings you. I also gained stability.

Now I’ve been blessed with the ability to upgrade to a beautiful apartment and as I get more settled in I’m truly able to reflect on the beautiful moments had in 1416, and I’m grateful for them all.

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