Sweet Cinnamon

I’ve always been a nurturer.

Always wanted someone to take care of.

As a little girl I would say “I can’t wait to grow up and stay home with my kids”.

My mom always pushed me to have more aspirations.

My energy was channeled into caring for my siblings and even becoming a teacher at the learning center I grew up in as well as a part time nanny.

I was so fulfilled. With a career shift I have found myself longing to care for someone or something once again.

For years I’ve wanted a puppy but living with my parents who have always considered fish to be pets made this virtually impossible. Now I’m all grown up and can finally have a fur baby.

My sister was a pup mom to two. Having both was becoming a handful so she blessed me with someone to take care of , my Sweet Cinnamon.

Although we are still getting to know each other, we connected immediately. She is very loving , friendly , and playful.

From time to time I will open up to you all about the newest member of my family by collecting beautiful “Cinna-moments” to share with each of you.

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