Self Care

It is so easy to get caught up into work, school, or simply pouring into other people but forget to take care of yourself.

For the longest when I heard “self care” I would think about getting my hair and nails done, maybe doing a little shopping. And all of those things are great. They are things that I enjoy and help me to relax. But I’ve learned that self care is more than a shopping trip.

Self care is tending to ALL of you. That means taking time to spend with the creator to feed your spirit man, seeing your therapist or whatever helps to ensure your mental and physical health.

I am guilty of skipping in all of these areas to work more than I should, completing school assignments at the last minute , and just not putting myself first. As I approach another year of life, my goal is to find true work/life balance, not be afraid to take a mental health day when needed, and focus on God and my education more than anyone or anything all while still making time for a face mask.

The most important part of Self Care is making yourself and your needs a priority. So take a moment to smell the roses and find balance.Taking care of yourself produces life’s most beautiful moments.

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