The number two represents peace and balance.

The number four is a symbol of inner-wisdom, self-control, stability, practicality and patience.

Combining the two gives you the number 24.

If you read regularly , then you are aware of this years quest for peace. If you know me personally , then you are aware of the test I have failed regarding self control and patience and how I’ve managed to grow in the areas of stability and practicality while still learning to operate in wisdom.

This birthday, I am thankful for the return of energy to just “do life”. You never realize how important that is until you’re all out of fuel but don’t have the option to stop going.

I’ve moved on to being inspired by myself to work extremely hard to achieve every goal I have set for life that is in God’s will. This does require me to release dead weight and to stop comparing where I am in life to others as if who I am today isn’t already amazing.

My desire as I embark on another year of life is to continue to grow in the areas that I am weak, not weaken where I am strong , and to learn to truly rest in God’s peace.

Cheers to 24 years of life and all the love, lessons, and beautiful moments I have experienced.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!

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  2. monasmoments says:

    Thank you!


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