Sweet Hut

This past week was my first time going home to Norcross , GA where I grew up in a little over a year. I’ve always described the city as dull to others but this trip I was pleased to see several new developments, shopping centers, and eateries. The true foodie in me felt pure elation about trying new places; one that particularly excited me was Sweet Hut.

Sweet Hut is an Asian bakery that definitely puts a stamp of culture in the very diverse city of Duluth, a neighboring city to Norcross. I would compare the amount of options to a farmers markets. The most interesting aspect of the treats offered at the bakery was that many incorporated meat! There were actually doughnuts with bacon on top and different types of danishes with other meats in/on them. The mixture of meat and sweets I couldn’t quite wrap my head around this visit so I tried a mini creme brûlée with white cake in the center and a caramel custard on the bottom. Although this was very creative I can’t say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I absolutely loved the cream brûlée topping. The cake middle I was not a fan of and I would simply blame that on my dislike of cake in general. The caramel custard was a chance for redemption but it was burnt.

Based on the plentiful options , really cool set up, and incorporation of culture into the city I would return . Maybe on my next visit I’ll be bold enough to try a bacon doughnut , or stick to a regular creme brûlée. Either way I look forward to another sweet moment with the Sweet Hut Bakery.

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