A Tender Tail

Last weekend I dined at the infamous Drago’s, home of the original charbroiled oysters.

I absolutely ordered a half dozen of Drago’s original charbroiled oysters because … how could I not? To my surprise , the oysters were simply okay. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t anything that I can complain about with the oysters but as I ate them, I visited moments with this same dish at other establishments and reminisced on enjoying it much more than I was in the present. It felt a if something was missing from them. These may be the original oysters but others have taken this concept to a new level.

What I did whole heartedly enjoy was the Main Lobster with a side of Sautéed fresh spinach.

The spinach was seasoned so well without being over salted and had been cooked down to the perfect texture; directly between tough and slimy.

As for the lobster , this was one of THEE most tender lobsters I have ever enjoyed. The pairing of the garlic butter sauce made for a beautiful moment unimaginable unless experienced.

I truly enjoyed my experience at Drago’s so much that I am here picking up an order to go as I share A Tender Tail moment with you all.

Swing by and enjoy a beautiful moment of your own.

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