I don’t always ask God for what I want or need.

I don’t always go to him before making moves although I KNOW that I should.

But every time it begins to storm outside, I ask him to hold the rain as I walk into work , my home , or just all together.

Each time I make this request… HE honors it.

Once I realized this , it made me laugh. I told my mother that I would ask God to rain in my life and see what he does. So I asked.

What I meant was a shower of blessings, and I do live a very blessed life, but what I received was God beginning to pour into me. He’s poured into my spirit , began to wash away unclean connections, and forced me to grow in areas I was determined to be stagnant in.

The desires of my heart are being made new.

Some moments feel like a whirlwind, but this is the most beautiful storm I have ever witnessed.

God , continue to let the rain pour.

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