The Boulevard

Last night I decided that I wanted to take myself out for dinner. This is something that I’m still getting use to so I wanted to make it a treat . I chose to dine at my favorite place; I was introduced to this spot by a dear friend almost three years ago and instantly loved it, it’s quite surprising that I’m just sharing my experience with you all. I’ve had plenty of girls dinners here, date nights, celebrated my birthday, and adding to the list a meal on my own at The Boulevard.

I started off with a cocktail, French 75. This is typically a mix of champagne, gin, and lemon juice. The boulevard puts a zesty twist on theirs by adding orange liqueur and garnishing with an orange slice. Although I prefer the standard drink, this version was also really nice and crisp.

The boulevard isn’t a steak house , the menu is actually quite versatile. I’ve tried a few entrees from the menu and loved them all. From the pork chops , pasta on down to my personal favorite, Filet Mignon.

I ordered the filet medium . It was magnificently tender, juicy, and seasoned to perfection. The potatoes and broccoli were also very good. Last night was actually the very first time I ever experienced an issue at this restaurant which was very minor , the broccoli was cold. This was rectified with a piping hot replacement swiftly. I was very pleased with the service from management and the team.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Boulevard last night , and every night that I dine here as well as the beautiful moment of me time outside off my home .