What the world needs now…

Most Americans and well, world citizens can relate to the current situation of being home with a tentative return to work date but being unsure of what our fate will be company wide, as a nation , and world society. 

After tuning in to every news alert, death toll, and updated count of those infected I just cant take anymore. Although it is important to be informed , it is more important to have a level of peace and remembrance that the the world we live in is more than just panic and pandemic. There are still so many beautiful moments happening daily as society is forced to join forces and reignite humanity and faith. 

My goal is to shed light in this time of darkness,to spread cheer rather than fear, and to inspire while still collecting beautiful moments.

For the next two weeks my full time job will be collecting, I ask that all of my fellow #collectors  that may be on hiatus will do the same. I will share with you, and I hope you all share with me because what the world needs now… are beautiful moments. 

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