Oh Baby, Fur Baby

The most beautiful part of this time off so far has been being able to spend much needed quality time with my Fur Baby, Sweet Cinnamon. Between work, my social life, and using time off for travel without her; I am sad to say that her needs have not been my priority.  I’ve noticed for about a week that my baby has been acting strange but a couple of days ago I really tuned in, realizing that she wasn’t at her best health wise. Thankfully now that has been taken care of and she is back to her happy healthy self.

Cinnamon’s current state could truly be described as better than ever. If you have ever met Cinnamon then you know that she is hard not to love. She is a very affectionate chorkie but in return she expects the same and if its not received, her feelings are hurt tremendously. All the time and attention she needs and more has been given to her. This has helped her to be content, at peace, and open to direction.

On the day that my baby came to my home, it was the first time she had ever gone outside. Since then taking her for walks and even training her to potty outside has been rough because she was afraid and I did not dedicate the time to helping her find comfort.  Just this week not only has Cinnamon acclimated to going outside but she has also fallen in love with outdoors and thoroughly gets excited each time we go out to play.

This time off has shown just how much Cinnamon needs me and a reminder of how much we mean to each other. It has also shown me that my panic and anxiety can absolutely transfer over to my pup so it is important for me to stay calm if not for myself, then for her. Oh Baby, Fur Baby, I look forward to giving you all that you need and creating so many beautiful moments with you , Sweet Cinnamon.

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