Better Body

Young adults are more likely to take advantage of their youth. We feel invisible so we eat what we want, drink how much we want, and put healthy living on the back burner in exchange for a fast pace lifestyle, good eats, and great trips. I decided that not only will I be better to my body during this time but that I will find a realistic regiment that works for my life.

My days begin with prayer. Following I have personal bible time, mediation and then plan the beautiful moments I’d like to share with you. By this time Cinnamon has risen and its time for her morning walk and breakfast for us both. As of today I have incorporated a run into my morning ! This is still very new to me as I have completely bailed on any physical activity since this time last year and as a person who actually hates the taste of water, staying hydrated is something I must force myself to do. In order to live a long healthy life, and honestly make it through this time off without dying of boredom, I’m going to have to push myself. I’ve been told that this can also help lower blood pressure as I battle with hypertension.  Food choices can make a difference with this as well.

If you’re a collector, there’s a huge chance that you are also a foodie. Dining as a foodie isn’t strictly about the food , it’s also about the ambiance, service, and over all dining experience. Not being able to sit down and enjoy has taken away a lot of the temptation of eating out but  does make it very easy to run into the kitchen and eat away every last one of the quarantine snacks. I’ve been trying my best to snack in moderation and actually cook at home instead of surviving off of fast food and junk food. This isn’t the easiest task as one who is use to being on the go and if I’m being completely honest, avoids cooking at all cost. Taking the time to pay attention to the signals my body is giving me is helping me to be more conscious of sodium and sugar intake and forcing me to consume more fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods.

The changes I am making will be better to my body in the long and short run and give the potential to create far more beautiful moments.

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