Twist and Turn

After being braided for two and a half months I decided that it was time to give my hair some time to breathe. With my hair being in protective styles for most of  winter, it feels like I’m learning how to care for my hair all over again. Taking the lazy way out, I made an appointment with a natural hairstylist but due to the current stipulations in my state, that was canceled. I’ve been forced to figure it out on my own and thankfully I believe I was successful.

My hair is still hanging around in that weird in between stage where wash and go’s are more of a headache than anything and after months of protective styles I’m just not in the mood to sit down and two strand twist my hair. I tried cornrows and although they are cute, convenient, and stretch my hair out a great deal, the effect of taking it down always seems to end up pretty wild.

At the suggestion of one of my friends who has been natural for years, I decided to try flat twist. I had doubt that this style would work for me with my hair being so course and coils so tight. The way the twist look going just straight back was a pleasant surprise to me. This gave the same look and convenience of cornrows while actually helping my hair to look smooth, more feminine, and glide along with my curl pattern in a way that I didn’t expect.

Over the weekend, out of boredom I decided to take my twist down and the result was absolutely amazing. I am so impressed with how my hair stretched out, curled, and fell in the cutest way. This is a great style for my texture, curl pattern, and cut! The only issue I had is even with re-twisting my dry hair that night, it was wild on Sunday afternoon. I will have to try using my spray bottle when re-twisting as a part of the up keep with flat twist but for now I have co washed and I am twisted straight back until the middle of the week when I will untwist until wash day.

Natural ladies this is the perfect time to experiment with your hair ! Figure out what works , what you like, and whats convenient to come out of this feeling confidently YOU creating a beautiful moment in itself.

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