Hot Mess Express

When I was a little girl I found myself always trying to be perfect. I thought if I earned straight A’s, stayed out of trouble, and was a nice girl, I would achieve just that. Chasing perfection was like being a hamster on a wheel, continuously running and running but always finding myself back in the same place. At times I would earn B’s,  find myself in trouble, and I wasn’t always the nicest little girl. I kept falling short and every time I did, I felt even worse. My head would flood with thoughts like “why can’t I just get it together? What’s is wrong with me? Why can’t I be perfect like the people I see on tv? Why can’t I be perfect?!?!”.  I was simply… a hot mess! Looking back on my younger self, I can’t help but  chuckle. So much of my time was waisted trying to be something that was impossible. When I looked at myself, I ignored all the good inside of me and focused on the bad never realizing the flaws I saw weren’t flaws at all. These were the things that made me unique, that made me “Jazz”. Instead of trying to attain perfection I should have been focusing on what made me great. I was comparing myself to others not realizing they they had insecurities of their own. Social media has played a huge part in making people feel insecure now a days.

Insecurity often times pushes people to change who they are to make themselves feel better.  From butt implants to lip fillers, a lot of what we see on social media are people trying to hide the fact that they are also a hot mess. Rather than trying to hide my flaws, I now embrace them. Don’t get me wrong some days I still struggle and beat up on myself but that is okay! We all struggle in some way or another. If people were perfect we would not need Jesus. On my life journey I have learned to accept my beautiful mess. Yes, sometimes I get grumpy, I procrastinate, I am forgetful, I spend way to much time on my phone, I mean I could go on and on. But I love my hot mess! I love that where I fall short, God is there to make up for it. He covers me in the areas that I need, and helps me to soar in the areas that I am strong. He is my source, and when he created me he said I was good, just as I am! In my opinion, when you love your flaws and yourself that is when you are at your best and most comfortable. It took me sometime but eventually I was ready to hop on the Hot Mess Express and ride to a happier and better me!

In a beautiful moment, I realized that my mess should be embraced with confidence and love! Join me on the Hot Mess Express and open your life to the beauty that God created within you.

Author : Jazlyn Hampton

Editor: Jane’t Hampton

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