Lolli and Pops


This Friday, lets flash back to pre-quarantine times when walking outside wasn’t so scary and trips to the mall were still possible. In Baton Rouge, our states capitol, stands the Mall of Louisiana. This mall consist of  152 stores, a lot of which are chain stores but what I love about this shopping center is there are a great deal of unique boutiques and shops. One specifically that I have fallen for is Lolli and Pops.

If the name hasn’t given it away, Loli and Pops is in fact a sweets shop! This isn’t your regular candy store. Lolli and Pops is pretty extraordinary because the treats come from places all over the world, literally. The concept is so unique; there are different types of candy and treats like alcohol flavored gummy bears, macarons, and chocolate from anywhere in the world EXCLUDING the United States.

A fun fact I learned while being assisted by the amazing staff at this shop is that outside of America, countries use milk and real cocoa to create their chocolate making for a rich and delicate taste. I decided to try a white chocolate Kit Kat from the United Kingdom. Before I tried it I knew that this candy was of a different quality because of the way it was wrapped; each piece is wrapped individually in light foil within the huge red wrapping paper. I was beyond surprised at how delicious it was, never had I experienced chocolate so rich and creamy before. American chocolate no longer has the same effect on me.

This treat shop is known for the variety of macarons. On my first trip the case was practically empty but upon my return, I was able to try a blueberry champagne toast macaroon. The flavor was interesting, not my favorite but I am excited to return upon the re opening of the state to indulge in several more flavors.


My absolute FAVORITE part of my experiences at Lolli and Pops were the Boozy Bears! The idea behind alcohol flavored gummy bears that have no alcohol in them is simply genius. I sampled the rosé , champagne, and piña colada flavored and each one was not only very yummy but actually taste exactly like the beverage that inspired it. This is very impressive and delicious.

The most beautiful moment had at Lolli and Pops was sharing the moment with my sister Chelsie and sweeter than candy nephew Elijah who was very much aware of his surroundings and soaked up every moment.



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