Tame that Mane

I woke up like this!

No, really, I woke up with wild rough hair.

The wildness began yesterday and gradually got worse throughout the day.

This morning it only became worse , and although I am proud of my crown in every state, the time to tame that mane had arrived.

With that said today became wash day .

After completing my normal routine, I had a hard time deciding what to do with my hair afterwards.

Although I like the look of flat twist and cornrows going straight back, I noticed that it was difficult getting my hair to fall the way I would like.

I still was not in the mood to two strand twist my hair or honestly do it at all.

With the advice of my cousin Alexis, I decided to try flat twist again but in the direction that I would like for my hair to fall.

Im not sure what the outcome will be but for now, I’m just glad that my mane is tamed and that moment is beautiful enough for me.

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