something sweet

During this time of , isolation , it feels like we’ve lost a lot. The things that we once did for enjoyment are closed down . Many of us have been laid off or furloughed so we can’t afford activities anyway. The first of the month only makes things more stressful.

In order to get through this we have to find the “sweet spot” . Find a positive moment no matter how small that you wouldn’t have had if you weren’t inside during this time. Hold on to it , put it in your reservoir, and when a tough day, difficult moment arises, or you think to complain about your situation pull it out ! Check yourself, be reminded that you are blessed, and there are still beautiful moments happening in this world and in your life!

I hold on to the quality time I’ve been granted with my fiancé.

I hold on to the daily FaceTime calls with my momma that our work schedules would normally prevent .

I hold on to having the time to train my dog and spend time with her.

I hold on to taking the time to experiment in the kitchen, learning how to cook new meals.

I hold on to each cup of Starbucks I have the chance to pick up.

I hold on to every moment I have with my family.

Not only are these moments beautiful but they are the something sweet that get me through the week. Try listing some positive things taking place in your life , I’m sure you’ll stumble across the “sweet spot” or more than one.


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