For a lot of us this time off has resulted in letting ourselves go. What I mean by this is not keeping up with our normal beauty routines. This can be due to hair salons , nail shops , and spas all being closed or simply because we don’t feel like it. If you’re a girly girl like me and are cringing at the inability to keep up with yourself as you normally would then I have some tips to share with you. In fact, I will be sharing them in a new series titled Quarantine Beauty Hacks or QBH.

Today’s QBH is for all my girls that LOVE to get their nails done ! The last time I visited the nail shop was a week before they closed down but if you weren’t able to go that week I’m sure you’re really feeling off. Over the weekend I was able to make a comeback and hopefully these tips help you to do the same!

A friend of mine told me about a kit she found on amazon that included several colors of neutral colored gel polish, UV light, acetone, and tools for a manicure. I rode the slow train and attempted to order it last week after amazon decided that non essential items would be delayed as essential items are their shipping priority at this time . The estimated time of arrival for my kit was in June! I knew I wouldn’t make it that long so while I was out picking up things I needed from CVS I browsed the beauty aisle and found a gel polish kit by Sally Hansen that includes all of the tools I needed including the UV light.

The directions were included and the process was fairly easy. After I manicured and shapes my nails I simply applied the base coat and placed my nails under the lamp for 30 seconds , repeated with the collar “shellac” twice , and last but not least the same process with the top coat. Afterwards I cured with alcohol wipes (also included in the kit) . The finished product is absolutely beautiful and the entire process took only a few minutes even with doing only one hand at a time.

If you’re willing to wait for the kit, the prices I found on amazon ranged anywhere between $30 and $50. In CVS this kit was $60 which may sound steep but if you think of how much you would normally spend in the nails shop, this is actually a steal and can be used time and time again.

This product is carried in CVS , Walgreens , and Walmart. When you’re doing your essential grocery shopping or picking up your prescription go ahead and grab a kit. Our nails may not be essential but it sure does help to feel beautiful during quarantine .

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