enjoying the moment

Thinking back to the days of freedom , when I could vacation as I pleased. Planning trips to my favorite beaches and taking pictures every where I went. As I have scrolled through the photo app on my iPhone I realized that the pictures are my memories. I remember how much time I spent searching Pinterest for ideas, posing, critiquing myself and whoever my designated photographer was.  I would wonder how my social media followers or #collectors would respond to a photo.

Would they like it ? Would they notice if my hair was out of place or a fresh break out? Can they see that I have spent all of no time in the gym preparing for this trip? Will the sadness in my eyes show through the photo?

In the midst of God’s beautiful creation,  attempting to photograph the perfect moment. Failing to understand that the perfect moment is within me, around me, right in front of me. So many memories that could have been created in beautiful places and spaces passed me by. I am learning the beauty of simply enjoying the moment. I sit here today with a fresh face, new pimple on my forehead, braids in a messy bun, wearing a t-shirt and leggings,  in the fresh hair and drinking my morning cup; creating memories while enjoying the moment. 

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