Do you ever sit and wonder how did I get here?

I do…. often. I am a textbook over thinker . I go over things in my head over and over again. Planning for tomorrow and ten years from now. Being this type of person has me lost right now. Especially with the state of my universe and the uncertainty of what the future holds. Between family being hospitalized , ill, or passing ; talks of opening the country prematurely this time is over whelming . It feels like the walls are caving in and the world is crashing.

Although we have faith there is still fear.

Although we have hope there is still doubt.

Although we have God there is still anxiety.

I wonder what will be the new normal. Who will survive this ? Will my relationships withstand the distance ? Can I mentally and emotionally survive this?

The answer is I don’t know.

And today, for once, I am going to allow life to do whatever it does rather than trying to create a beautiful moment .

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