This morning after my workout, I sat out in the yard embracing nature. The sun on my face, birds chirping, watching as the wind slightly blows the leaves, and feeling the grass beneath my feet. As I enjoyed this moment, I noticed something that I’ve been taught about all of my life but have never witnessed, a bee pollinating flowers. I know, it sounds so simple, but I was in awe. Watching as this tiny insect buzzed from flower to flower feeding them within a matter of seconds; this act took practically no time for the bee but for the flower this is a matter of life and death. Essentially the bee has granted the flower with the gift of life, but it doesn’t end with the flower. According to Honey Love Urban BeeKeepers, bees pollinate 80% of the worlds plants.  Plants, through photosynthesis, produce oxygen which is a direct line to the air that we breathe. This small act of pollination that takes only a few seconds literally breathes life into the world.


I asked myself, how am I pollinating my community? What is the act no matter how great or small contributed by me that will breathe life into my world?

Just as the bee fed the flower’s, I decided that I to want to feed my community. And yes, if you know me, you are aware that I already volunteer and donate to PBJ Ministries feeding the homeless, hungry, and now essential workers in Louisiana but sometimes even that just doesn’t feel like enough. Instead of just sitting on this feeling I am going to further open up my heart and wallet to someone in my community.

So here at Mona’s Moments, as I celebrate year two of collecting, I would also like to create a beautiful moment for those being impacted by the current struggles in our world. In honor of our second year of collecting, the last two weeks in May, two families will receive a cash app of $100 in an attempt to create beautiful moments.

In order to receive this blessing, complete the following steps

  1. Email monasmomentsblog@gmail.com to nominate a family in need, be sure to include the cash app username.
  2. Follow @_monasmoments on Instagram.
  3. Subscribe at monasmoments.blog
  4. Like this blog post.


Let’s Pollinate our world together.

CREATE and Collect Beautiful Moments.

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