I am art.

I wondered how I  can collect beautiful moments when I saw none.

I can’t go try a new restaurant or take a vacation.

There’s only so many pictures you can take of grass and trees (although I do love being one with nature).

The one person that I typically bounce ideas with and provokes my creativity isn’t in the best place right now so that leaves me.

Alone I wasn’t able to take this blog to the next level, views weren’t the same with just me.

Am I really as creative as I think? Do I truly have the ability to do this?

I found myself blocked, unable to create completely.


Am I enough?

I thought this question had been retired.

I did the self-work. I found confidence and peace within. Why was this a thought?

How did I get back here?

When I was down and I out I worked on myself consistently. I was dedicated to me, Jane’t.The effects and results of this were amazing. It wasn’t easy but soon enough I felt my best. I knew who I was, and no one could tell me otherwise. Once I reached this point that was it, the work stopped, and I slipped right back into the same patterns I had once before without realizing it. This was masked by life happening all around me.

Then came quarantine, and all mask were removed.

Work Stress- Removed

Emotionalism in Church- Removed

Drinking with my Friends- Removed

“Fixing” People- Removed

The mask has been STRIPPED off and all I have left to deal with is me.

Looking inward, I found a lot of broken pieces and realized that this mess was way too much for me to clean up on my own. I am allowing the creator to piece me back together and although I’m sure this process will be lengthy; I see the small progress and changes.

Light shining through.

Creativity shining through.

Beautiful moments shining through.

Even in my brokenness I am not just enough, I am more than enough because my father said so. My craft, my art does not have to be dependent upon outside inspiration. If I never eat at another restaurant or take another vacation (God forbid), I am already equipped to operate in my gift and my calling, to inspire.

I am art.

CREATE Beautiful Moments.

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