This is what we do. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we save aspects of moments in our minds the way that we experience them. Each of us are collectors.

I have learned that not every moment will be beautiful. In fact a lot of time periods in life will be difficult and it’s easy to get stuck in a place of soaking or self pity. With just a little more effort you can be in the midst of an ugly , nasty time and still collect beautiful moments. A great example of this are our lives today. Not everyone is suffering financially, some are emotionally, and spiritually as well.

Today has actually been a beautiful day spent amongst family but internally I am not at my brightest. I have smiled, laughed , and played but some days are particularly more difficult to push through. Yet, throughout this day there have been so many beautiful moments I was able to collect. My favorite moment was my cousin pulling up to Starbucks so that I could order my favorite drink (caramel macchiato). This may sound small and insignificant to some but for me it’s EVERYTHING! I have not been at my home or at work in over two months. I am in a city so small that there isn’t even a Walmart, so driving out today and sipping on this extra hot venti coffee gives me a sense of normalcy.

It feels like home when I’m up early studying or writing my cares away. It smells like work when we’ve gotten in twenty boxes of shipment that I need to bust through or piercing tens of people in a shift. It reminds me of all the special trips my fiancé would make to surprise me with this drink whether I was having a rough day or just because he wanted to see me smile. These moments brought forth warmth and consolation within myself.

Collecting moments aren’t just about that specific moment , it’s about having a reservoir for a lifetime. Every day isn’t magical , every day isn’t easy. Some days it will be hard to collect a moment to make you smile so you need moments to hold on to, moments to share , moments to get you through the rough ones; those are the moments that will save your life.

Provide yourself with beautiful memories.

Hold on to the moments that matter most.

COLLECT Beautiful Moments.

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