The Vow

To have and to hold

From this day forward

For better or for worse

For richer or for poorer

In sickness and in health

To love and to cherish

Till death do us part

As long as we both shall live

These vows are the basis of lifetime commitment between two people that have decided, before God, on their journey together. The beauty and weight of these words is heavier than any task in this world.

To have and to hold , From this day forward: From this point on you are my person, we are responsible for each others well being.

For better or for worse: Today may be a high, next week could be filled with lows, either way I have your back always and will continue to honor my commitment to you. 

For richer or for poorer: I’ll stick it out with you whether we’re eating McDonald’s or Morton’s. I will be committed to you whether your bank account is negative or flourishing. 

In sickness and in health : I will stand by you through hospital stays, colds, and when you’re in perfect health . You can count on me no matter what your condition is. 

To love and to cherish : My love for you will never stop, even when we’re upset, or when you look a mess, I will always cherish the essence of who you are. 

Till death do us part, As long as we both shall live: You are my forever and always. 

I gave almost almost everyone of these vows away without being married.

When I realized this it bothered me, angered me even. Why hadn’t other people had the same level of commitment to me as I had to them? The answer is , they weren’t required too, because we were not married! I first had to acknowledge this fact before I could evaluate the actions of others. Once I did it made it easy to understand how things had gotten to this point. I needed to shift some things in my own life.

Before you ever think of taking this vow with someone else, you must first make some “vows” to yourself. I looked at who I was and decided who I wanted to be; who I was destined to be. That woman is still being developed, tried, and grown. Although it is possible to grow while already having made that vow I realized that today, I’m just not in the position to make ” the vow” to anyone else. The only vow I should be making at this point in my life is to do what’s necessary to become her. So my focus is on rebuilding, discovering, and becoming the woman that God expects me to be.

It will take time and it won’t be easy but over a course of beautiful moments , I will be prepared for The Vow, to me.

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