Two years ago collecting became my life.

Prior to this, I was a happy, bubbly , glass half full personality. Almost nothing could phase me and if it did, it wouldn’t last long.

Two years ago my life changed, life events occurred that broaden my perspective and not in the most positive way. I allowed them to dim my light , alter my being into a much darker space and place.

I needed light. I needed beauty. I needed something to hold on to. God gave me beautiful moments. I am beyond grateful for these; two years later and collecting has become more than my life … it’s my lifeline.

This journey has taught me that not every moment will be beautiful but there is beauty in every moment.When the sun is out , no cloudy sky’s , I thank him for his beauty. When I’m in the middle of a hail storm that feels like it won’t end, I thank him for the beautiful storm.

I would like to thank each and everyone one of you #collectors for being apart of this experience, it has been beautiful . I ask that you continue with me on this journey to not only collecting moments in light but in this new season, shed light from darker places and spaces because those moments are worth collecting as well.

Two Years of Creating,

Two Years of Pollinating,

Two Years of Collecting,

Beautiful Moment’s.

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